Forget My Husband ill Go Make Money chapter 16

I had been at the hospital for about two weeks now. Forget My Husband ill Go Make Money chapter 16 After my surgery I was still in recovery and not able to move around much. My mom had called me numerous times and tried to get in touch with dad but he refused to take her calls thinking she wanted something from him. I knew he didn’t care if I lived or died, but he did want to know what happened to my car. He even asked me once if I told anyone else where

Forget My Husband ill Go Make Money chapter 16

I was going…Forget My Husband ill Go Make Money chapter-16 I guess to cover my tracks. All these things were becoming clearer to me, but they weren’t helping me escape from the room. In reality, I couldn’t leave my room to get food or anything. I just sat there waiting to die.

Forget My Husband ill Go Make Money chapter 16

As time went on, my mother came back to visit me again. She was worried sick about me and kept telling me how sorry she was, but I wasn’t interested in hearing any of it. She knew it would drive me crazy to hear her cry and beg for forgiveness, and that’s exactly what she did. All I could do was sit there and listen to her blubbering away. When she finally got tired of talking and crying, she left me alone to rest.

That night, I felt myself slipping deeper into depression, so I started thinking about how much I hated myself. I thought how stupid I was for letting my father treat me like that. How he lied to everyone and treated me like trash. No wonder no one liked me…no wonder I had never gotten married. I thought about how I looked, and how ugly I was. Just a plain old ugly worthless piece of shit.

I felt my body start to Forget My Husband ill Go Make Money chapter 16 tremble and shake; I felt tears well up in my eyes and run down my cheeks. I cried out loud, “Why?” Why? What was so bad about being born like this? Was I destined to live my life like this? Why was I so unlovable? Why wouldn’t God heal me? There had to be a way to fix me, right? Maybe I should pray harder to God…maybe he would answer my prayers.

I prayed over and over again until it seemed like hours had passed. I begged the Lord to help me, to save me. I pleaded with Him until I fell asleep.

Next morning I woke up feeling refreshed and rested. Before I opened my eyes, I saw my mother sitting there beside my bed. “Mom!” I said with surprise.

“Yes honey,” she replied while looking happy. “You’re awake.”

“What happened to daddy? Where is he?”

“He’s outside working on our car. You shouldn’t worry about a thing. Your dad loves you very much. He’s always loved you since the day we met you. Don’t you remember, sweetie? He bought you that pink dress…”

“No! Please don’t lie to me!” I interrupted. I knew full well that my father never really cared about me.

“It’s true, baby. Believe it or not, but he really does love you. He’s just afraid of losing his friends.”

“Friends? What friends?”

“The guys who work here in the garage. They’ve known him since high school. He doesn’t want to lose them. And they won’t let him.”

“So, he tells lies about me to them?” I asked disbelievingly.

Forget My Husband ill Make Money

I was thinking about what I should do today after work. I had no idea where to start. I thought about how much he’d been drinking lately. He’d even started going out at night a lot, leaving me alone at home with our daughter while he went clubbing with his friends. I didn’t know if I could just leave him. I wanted to help him change, but I knew he wouldn’t listen. Maybe he’d get mad. But I couldn’t stand seeing him suffer anymore.

As I was driving home, I decided to call some of my friends who would probably have a better opinion of him than me right now. When they answered the phone, I explained the situation and asked them what I should do. One friend said I should wait until he gets drunk again and then tell him he had an affair. Another suggested I should take a sharp object and stab him.

My friend said the best option would be to get myself arrested for domestic abuse. I told her she was wrong, that I felt bad enough already. She said “I don’t care, I hate men.” I told her I really loved him. That I wanted to save our marriage. She said “What?! You want to stay married to someone who beats you? You need to leave. Now!” And then she hung up on me.

There wasn’t anything else to do except sit home and think about what I should do. All day long I kept hearing those words, “You need to leave. You deserve better.” It made me feel terrible that I hadn’t tried before to talk to him. Sometimes, I wished I’d taken action when I first saw him cheating on me. But I had always been afraid that he’d use violence against me if I confronted him.

Finally, my husband came home around midnight. I was still sitting in the kitchen crying. I heard footsteps coming toward the kitchen and I knew it was time to confront him. After he walked in, I stood up and asked him if he had had sex with any women since we got back together. Without looking up from his beer, he shouted “No! Of course not! What kind of question is that?” He sat down and took a swig of his drink.

I looked at him straight in the eye and asked him again. This time he stared at me blankly and replied “No, never. Stop asking stupid questions.” I walked away, feeling angry with myself for being so weak. I wondered if I should go to my parents’ house, but I worried that he might follow me there.

I decided to leave. I packed only a few things and left the house. I drove to my parents’ place in the early hours of the morning. I slept on their couch and woke in the middle of the night. I felt guilty about taking advantage of them, but I knew I needed

Chapter 16 – Forget My Husband Ill Go Make Money Chapter 16

You should always try your best not to be seen at work when people are still awake. I mean, if anyone sees you then they might think that you’re doing something bad. So please keep working late hours at the bar alone if you need to do some personal stuff. But if you want to save time, just use the bathroom or the kitchen to get away from everyone.
Chapter 17 – Laundry Day

Laundry day is coming soon. We’ll just put everything in the wash machine and wait a few minutes. If our clothes are dirty enough, we’ll take them out and hang them outside to dry. All we have to do after that is iron them. Remember to use a special cleaner and iron only once. Ironing more than twice could damage the fabric. Also, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before you start the washing cycle. You don’t want your laundry to freeze on you before you finish it!
Chapter 18 – Going To Work

Today’s going to be a busy day! You have to wake up early so you can pack your lunch and leave home around ten. You’ll probably be running late since you forgot to eat breakfast. Don’t worry; after that you won’t even notice the hunger pains. Instead, you’ll feel full of energy and ready to face the world. Once you arrive at your workplace, you’ll have no idea what kind of mood your colleagues will be in today.

That’s because they’ve spent their whole weekend drinking heavily and now they’re feeling hungover. Just ignore them and focus on getting things done. As long as you’re nice to everyone, you should be fine. And remember, always treat your coworkers as friends. They’re bound to help you.
Chapter 19 – Afternoon Tea

It’s almost four o’clock. Do you want to watch some TV? There’s nothing good on though. Maybe you’d rather go for a walk or play video games. Or maybe you’d prefer to listen to music or talk to someone about your problems. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you don’t stop for long. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing track of time. When you get back home, you’ll probably be tired and hungry.

That’s because you didn’t eat anything all day. Well, don’t worry, we’ll fix that right now. We’ll just chop up some vegetables, put them into a bowl, mix some rice noodles, and then add sauce to it. Put the food on top of a plate and set it aside. Now go to sleep because you’re starving!
Chapter 20 – Dinner Time

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For those who do not know me I was married at the age of 15, divorced at 18…yes i was once a teenager divorcee. After being divorced for 8years, I met Mr. Wilson, we were married for 2years before he passed away. Now ill be going over what happened after his death. I have been hurt for 13 years and still in pain. He left me in debt and alone.

But now i am getting out of debt bit by bit and trying to move forward. I hope people realize how much money they spend in life buy something cheap that could last them 20yrs, and think about how many things they really need. A car payment, house payment, gas bill, electric bill, cable bills, phone bill, car insurance, medical bills, and countless dollars spent on clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories, etc…and these are just some of the necessities to live a good quality life.
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