Celsius crypto fomo proved irresistible to finance pros too

Celsius crypto fomo proved irresistible to finance pros too Bitcoin volatility is low relative to traditional assets
Bitcoin’s daily volatility is lower than those of gold (9-10%) and oil (15%). If bitcoin was priced in dollars rather than euros, its price would still be 10% higher than today. By comparison, gold prices have risen nearly 30% since March 2011 while oil prices have roughly doubled over the same period. – Bloomberg 2. Its value as a currency remains high

Celsius crypto fomo proved irresistible to finance pros too

In 2008, the total market capitalization of bitcoin was $11 million. Today, at about $120 billion, bitcoin is worth almost three times what it was then. This means if bitcoin were valued in US dollars instead of Euros, its value would be close to $300 per coin. In comparison, gold’s current market cap is $8 trillion. – Bloomberg 3. It’s a store of value

The real question is not whether bitcoin is going to replace fiat money but how long it takes for people to get used to using it. Historically, humans have been slow to adopt alternative currencies. Most developed countries adopted the U.S. dollar within 50 years of its creation. A similar timeframe seems likely for cryptocurrencies. – Bloomberg 4. New York State’s BitLicense is unnecessary

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New York State’s BitLicense places tight restrictions on businesses dealing with virtual currencies, including exchanges, wallet providers, payment processors, initial coin offering service providers and cryptocurrency brokers. However, these rules don’t apply to companies selling goods and services. – Business Insider 5. Cryptocurrencies have greater potential to disrupt other industries

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Cryptocurrencies may eventually displace other Home financial instruments, but they do little right now. One exception is digital currencies that use blockchain technology, which could provide platforms for new types of decentralized applications. – Reuters 6. No one trusts banks anymore

Celsius crypto fomo proved irresistible to finance pros too
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As we’ve previously noted, many consumers believe that traditional banking institutions no longer deserve their trust. Banks have taken advantage of them time and again. Bitcoin does not share this history. – Bloomberg 7. Blockchain technology will change everything

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Blockchain technology is already disrupting the way business gets done, from tracking diamonds to managing intellectual property. There are some who predict it will change how we trade and pay for things. – CNBC 8. You’re probably holding bitcoins right now

Bitcoin has emerged as the world’s best-known cryptocurrency, but it is just a small fraction of the total number of existing coins. – Wall Street Journal 9. Bitcoin isn’t anonymous… yet
Despite the hype around cryptocurrencies, none of them offer anonymity. But that might soon change. – New York Times 10. Virtual currencies may be here to stay

Virtual currencies are likely to remain popular because they allow users to convert hard currency into a digital asset without intermediaries. As more governments recognize this benefit, they’ll begin to regulate those currencies as well. – Wall Street Journal

The Crypto Mania Is Here

In recent years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have gained popularity among investors for their potential to revolutionize how money works across the globe. A number of other cryptocurrencies have since emerged as well. However, none of them has managed to capture the imagination of investors quite like Bitcoin did. As a result, many people began investing in cryptocurrencies even though they had no idea what it really meant.

Crypto FOMO Is Real

The term “fOMO” stands for Fear Of Missing Out and refers to the fear of missing out on something exciting. In this case, it’s an opportunity for some investors to get rich quick off the back of a rapidly rising cryptocurrency market.

Finance Pros Are Getting Involved Too

Nowadays, the appeal of digital currencies isn’t just restricted to day traders. Finance professionals are getting involved too. According to Bloomberg data from June 2018, the interest of professional investors — who may not necessarily make investments themselves but help companies decide where to invest their funds — grew at 20 percent last year.

Cryptocurrencies May Have Reached Their Peak

While the price of cryptos continues to rise, some experts believe that it could soon peak. After all, the total value of all cryptocurrencies fell by around $50 billion after hitting a record high of almost $800 billion in late December 2017.

Why People Love Cryptos So Much

Crypto enthusiasts love their virtual currency because of its decentralized nature. Unlike traditional fiat currencies, it doesn’t belong to any country or central bank. Therefore, there are no limits imposed on transactions, making it easier to transfer money overseas. And compared to the U.S., it takes less time to purchase cryptos using credit cards.

How To Profit From These Trends

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies aren’t legal tender yet, it’s still possible to profit from these trends. There are now several online trading platforms that allow investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Many of them offer leverage, meaning the investor can borrow funds to increase his/her investment, thus increasing the chances of a higher return.

The Future Will Be Decentralized

There are already several projects underway to develop blockchain technology. And according to research from Gartner Inc., about half of the world’s major banks are currently testing blockchain-based solutions. In addition, IBM announced earlier this month that it was partnering with six global financial institutions to collaborate on developing distributed ledgers.

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